Julien Letailleur


14937260_10153827190906470_6851984227022904074_nJulien is a citizen like you, the only difference is that he lives in our collective imagination. Julien does not exist in the physical world as one person, but instead, he is the voice of the crowd that believes in him. He was introduced as the character of a book few years ago, to incarnate the distance between our political leaders and the rest of the population. He is a novel character, that now is trespassing the fictional border to represent a collective of citizens, a huge community of innovators, thinkers, public servants that believe in his ideas. Julien is the product of real people, that want to engage in politics in a radically new way and that want to translate their energy into a democratic movement to create better institutions. So, do you want to meet Julien?

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Come to the OGP Global Summit and attend the DemocracyNight, you’ll be able to interact with Julien and contribute to shape with him/them new ideas for democracy!

How can we achieve a renewed democracy?

A digital society needs digital institutions, and this is why modern States must become agile, in order to respond best to our century’s challenges – digital, instant, and global challenges.

What should be the outcomes of the Democracy Night?

The Open Gov Night is the perfect occasion to ask to the citizens : which institutions do we want for the administration of tomorrow ? A draft constitution would be a good start, but we are open to any initiative.

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